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FAB001  Luciernaga - Life Passes Away Like Idle Chatter ‎ C-44
FAB002  Covered In Diamonds And Jewels - s/t C-47
FAB003  Factions - Cold Light Emissions ‎C-44
FAB004  STRNGLV - Psychotropia ‎C-30
FABCD005  Luciernaga - Collected Works 2008-2013 CD
FAB006  A Full Cosmic Sound - s/t C-30
FAB007  Luciernaga - s/t C-47
FAB008  Orbless - Spinning Liquid Mirror ‎C-30
FAB009  Earthmasters - Dwellings C-20
FAB011  Adrianvarallyay / STRNGLV - Split C-45
FAB012  Insect Factory / Luciernaga - Split ‎C-80
FAB013  Brizbomb - 1107 ‎C-42
FAB014  Derek Rogers - Hex Illumination ‎C-30
FABREC015  Insect Factory - Melodies From A Dead Radio LP
FAB016  Lazurite - Lazurite C-36 ‎
FAB017  Wolf Fluorescence - We're So Glad You're Home C-36
FAB018  Sound Out Light - Bloom C-30
FAB019  Hakobune - The Still Life Of Reverie C-32
FABREC020  Robert Turman - Beyond Painting 2xLP
FAB021  Aeronaut - Coronal Mass C-36
FAB022  A Full Cosmic Sound - Chemtrails C-40
FAB023  Robert Turman - Macro C-30
FABCD024  Luciernaga - Plays Propaganda Songs CD-R
FABREC025  Rambutan - Inverted Summer LP
FAB026  Rodman Melchior - Melchior Rodman C-70
FABREC027  Public Speaking - Blanton Ravine LP/CD
FABREC028  The Tobacconists - A Secret Place LP
FABCD029  Aeronaut - Your Space Transmissions Listening Kit CD
FABREC030  Culver - Gateshead Graves LP
FABREC031  Unicorn - Playing With Light LP
FAB032  Dane Patterson - Ghosting C-27
FAB033  Sindre Bjerga - Future Jazz Loops C-60
FAB034  KILT- She's Got The Evil In Her Ear C-60
FAB035  Parashi - Tovarich C-30
FAB036  Luciernaga/La Mancha Del Pecado - Split C-30
FABREC037  Robert Turman & Aaron Dilloway  - Blizzard 2xL
FABREC040.1  David First - Same Animal Different Cages Vol.1: Etudes for Acoustic Guitar LP