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Release Date: February 2018

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I first encountered Letha Rodman-Melchior's music on a cassette tape released under the name Tretatam. The tape was a collection of dream-like sequences combining Letha performing on different instruments with field recordings and found sounds. The music was beautiful, hypnotic, melancholy, and heartwarming. This tape inspired me to seek her out and ask if she would be interested in releasing more music on my (then relatively new) record label, Fabrica Records. We struck up an e-mail friendship which resulted in me issuing a full-length split cassette tape featuring her on one side, and her husband Dan Melchior on the other. Long before we had discussed doing the cassette, Letha had become seriously ill. But, unless someone told you so, you would never have known. She was optimistic, funny, and quirky in her e-mail communication. Sadly, before we ever had a chance to meet, Letha left this world.

I finally got to meet Dan--an incredible artist in his own right--about a year later and I now consider him a friend. Dan and I have wanted to make more of Letha's music available on vinyl and other formats for a while. So this is the first (but hopefully not the last!) project that involves releasing more of Letha's music out into the world in a physical format.

"Theia" is a re-mastered first-time vinyl edition of Letha's side of the "Rodman-Melchior" tape that Fabrica released a few years ago and is now out of print. Letha's tracks were re-mastered by our trusted friend Tim Stollenwerk (Sublime Frequencies, Mississippi Records, Grouper, etc.).

"Theia" will be released in an edition of 300 copies. The first 100 copies ordered through this website will include a 12" x 18" poster of "Nature Against Man", one of Letha's collages. All copies will include a download code.

Preview "Marsh of Decay":