DAVID FIRST "Same Animal, Different Cages Vol.1: Études for Acoustic Guitar" LP (FABREC040.1)


Exclusive (to this webshop) edition on transparent green vinyl (only 100)

Fabrica Records is very excited to announce that we are working with American composer and improviser David First on a series of releases under the name "Same Animal, Different Cages". The first album in the series, Volume 1: Études for Acoustic Guitar, is now available for pre-order.

On Études for Acoustic Guitar, First twists and bends notes from his steel-string acoustic guitar, an instrument traditionally associated with American folk, country and blues music. And in fact, those genres are central to First's explorations here, constituting portions of a palette that also encompasses jazz and Indian classical music. The result is a series of stylistic hybrids in which an expansive tonality is propelled with rhythmic authority. The effect on the listener is similar to that of tape manipulation, or to the challenges posed to the inner ear by Phil Niblock's shifting dissonances. It's almost as if the room itself speeds up and slows down as First performs in it, anchoring himself in three humble dimensions and letting time do what it will. The "Same Animal, Different Cages" series serves as the latest chapter in the oeuvre of a musician whose defining quality is arguably his curiosity. David First asks the right questions, and there are no wrong answers.

Vinyl Limited Edition of 300 w/download card.
100 on Transparent Green Vinyl
200 on black vinyl

You can also save a few dollars by subscribing to the "Same Animal, Different Cages" series here. By subscribing, you will receive Vol.1 and the subsequent volumes as they become available. There are only a limited number of subscription bundles available.

A digital only version is available via our Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes.



  • Transparent Green Vinyl