DAVID FIRST "Same Animal, Different Cages Vol. 2: Solomonos for Analog Synthesizer" (FABREC040.2)


On this second installment of the “Same Animal, Different Cages” series of tonal investigations David First dons his no-madder-than-you scientist’s lab coat and proceeds to fire up and overheat his newest subject, a Korg MS-20. The resulting six tracks are characterized by rapid-fire analog oscillations, relentlessly and exuberantly pitched up and down to suit their performer’s curiosity. "Solomonos for Analog Synthesizer" is synth-based experimental music rooted in actual experimentation. Once again, First delivers two sides of vinyl that are equally hypnotic, intriguing and challenging.

Vinyl Limited Edition of 300 w/download card.
100 on Transparent Gold Vinyl
200 on black vinyl

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A digital only version will be available via Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes.

Recent praise for "Same Animal, Different Cages Vol. 2":

"Put simply, this is destructive synthesis on a grandiose scale; ever ground your teeth hard enough for your jaw to ache the next day? When this appeared I figured it would be an easier task to summarize what he’d done as synthesizers are more familiar instruments to me but I had no idea they could be made to do what he’s accomplished. "—Santa Sangre (Peter Marks)

"Vol. 2 matches its predecessor in how First structures sounds and plays with the concept of time. Both records revel in repetition, but are far from automatized - more like the mantra-beats of an audible human heart. Maybe you can’t hear First’s hands on the instrument the way you could on Vol. 1, but his firing Korg manipulations have a lot of breath and sweat in them, especially considering how bracing they are. "—The Out Door (Marc Masters)

"Even with the diverse array of noises and sound that the MS-20 is capable of, David First keeps himself in check with these performances, which ensures that Solomonos for Analog Synthesizer stays within his self-imposed performance and compositional guidelines. I am personally expecting that this will end up being my favorite in the series, given my own affinity for the model of synthesizer, but I imagine that it will be an important piece of the overall series, even if it stands so distinctly on its own." - Brainwashed (Creaig Dunton)



  • Transparent Gold Vinyl
  • Black Vinyl